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Breast Augmentation Revision FAQS

We provide patients with a detailed quote during their consultation appointment at Sarasota Plastic Surgery. The cost of revision surgery varies, depending on the procedure’s complexity and whether you are having implants replaced.

The plastic surgeons at Sarasota Plastic Surgery offer many types of breast implant removal and revision, including en bloc capsulectomy, a specialized type of breast implant removal that removes the implant and capsule as a singular unit.

Breast implants stretch the breasts’ skin and tissues. Removing them can leave your breasts with an empty, deflated appearance. We typically perform a breast lift with breast implant removal to reshape the breast skin and tissues.

Our patients tell us that their breast revision recovery was like the healing process they experienced after their initial breast augmentation. Most patients require one to two weeks off from work and limited physical activity for four to six weeks.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often result in breast changes that may include sagging. Breast implants do not stop sagging from occurring, and in some cases, make breast laxity more noticeable. Many women include breast revision surgery in their mommy makeover.

Breast implants are not on a set replacement schedule. If your breast implants have no flaws or defects and you’re happy with your breast appearance, you probably do not need breast revision. Regular follow-ups with your plastic surgeon can monitor your breast implants to determine when you need to have them replaced.