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Breast Augmentation FAQs

Many of our patients ask about the safety of silicone breast implants. Today’s silicone implants are much more advanced than the silicone implants used decades ago. Ruptures are rare, but when they do occur, newer implant types feature a durable shell that will encase the silicone gel, preventing it from entering the body. Whether you choose saline or silicone for your procedure, we are confident in the safety and efficacy of the breast implants that we use at our practice.

Breast implants do not alleviate breast sagging. If you have sagging or drooping breasts, you may benefit from a breast lift with your augmentation procedure. A breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed simultaneously during a single trip to the operating room. Many women opt for a breast lift with implants as part of a mommy makeover after pregnancy.

Modern breast implants are exceptionally durable and have an outstanding safety profile. Breast implants can last 15 years or longer. If your implants show no signs of damage or defect, replacement may not necessary. Periodic checks of your implants, both by your plastic surgeon and using MRI technology, will ensure your implants are still intact years after your surgery.

Since breast augmentation is highly customized, it is impossible to provide a quote for this procedure without meeting for a consultation first. You’ll receive detailed pricing information during your first meeting with us, including details about our payment and financing options.

Many women go on to successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation. If you’re planning future pregnancies and hope to breastfeed, let your surgeon know before surgery as some implant placement options and incision types are more conducive to future breastfeeding success.

Sarasota Plastic Surgery was built and developed by a team of plastic surgeons. We paid careful attention to every detail to ensure our patients could achieve the best aesthetic results possible in a safe and comfortable environment. Our surgical center is on-site, located on the top floor of our facility. Our surgery center is fully accredited by both state and federal organizations and features two state-of-the-art operating rooms and a three-bed recovery room. Since we manage the surgery center ourselves, we can ensure high levels of safety and low infection rates.