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Patient Stories: Leah

Thinking she needed a breast lift and a breast augmentation, Leah consulted with Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center’s Dr. David Mobley. She was pleasantly surprised to find out she needed only the augmentation to fix her cosmetic concerns. Learn more about her story through the photos and video below.

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Hi, I’m Leah Bishop. I’m 35 years old. I am a nurse practitioner here in Sarasota. I have 2 children that are 5 and 14 this year. I am a runner. I do marathons. I’ve done a couple sprint triathlons.

I met with 4 different doctors before I chose Dr. Mobley*. I went to different doctors in the area. I went up to Tampa. Never felt comfortable after the consults. It’s a very individual decision. For me, it was a very hard decision to make to have breast augmentation, but when I met Dr. Mobley* I knew after I walked out of the appointment with him that I wanted to go ahead and go with the procedure.

OK, so when I went in, I thought I needed a breast lift and the augmentation, and he told me that I didn’t need to do the lift. He just told me I needed to go a little bit larger with the implants, and I did. I was very happy with the outcome. So I didn’t need a lift. I was very happy about that. So I don’t have really any scars. The scars are under the breast, so I don’t see them at all.

The timeline for after the procedure for when I could get back to work and back to running and back to picking up my kids … I was back to work within 4 days. I was back to running, it seems like 6 weeks. I can’t remember exactly when the doctor gave me clearance, but it wasn’t long. I didn’t have pain when I ran. I was back to swimming within the timeframe, seems like it was about 6 weeks. The doctor told me exactly when I could do that, and I did listen to him. But yeah, I was back to all my normal activities very soon.

I don’t remember having pain, except for the first 2 days I had some pain and swelling. I don’t remember having pain – maybe a little discomfort and that’s it.

I do have some scars. They’re under the breast. But because my breasts – they’re very natural – but they still are a little – let’s see, how would I explain it? They’re natural, so the scars are under my breasts and you can’t see them whatsoever. Dr. Mobley*, he knows how to do it. He really does.

I recommend Dr. Mobley* because he’s very good at talking to you, telling you about the procedure, telling you if you’re need it, telling you what procedure you’ll need. He’s very honest, very friendly. He’s been in the community for a long time. He has a good reputation. I think that’s very important that he has a good reputation and good outcomes. I recommend Dr. Mobley* to anybody that asks me if they know a doctor that does that procedure. I absolutely recommend Dr. Mobley*, and I would go to him again if I was to do it over.