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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation in Sarasota, FL

Women who wish to have plumper, fuller lips may consider lip augmentation.  This is accomplished with the use of injectable filler inside the lips to add volume and shape. Our Sarasota Plastic Surgery, our skilled cosmetic surgeons recommend fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®, which are great options for the lips and can last up to a full year. A fat transfer, which uses fat from the patient’s own body to fill in the lips, can also be used. All of these lip augmentation methods offer nice results and can be discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

Lip Augmentation in Sarasota, FL

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Your Guide to Lip Augmentation


This is a popular way to enhance the lips in a nonsurgical manner. Fillers are made from substances that are found naturally within the body such the hyaluronic acid or collagen based solutions. The result is realistic and looks and feels natural. Fillers produce beautiful results, however, they are considered short-term and reinjection is advised every 6-9 months.

Also known as fat transfer, fat deposits are harvested from the patient’s own body by means of liposuction. These collected fats are purified and reinstated with tiny syringes into the lips. The doctor will take the extra measure of reinstating the fat tissues, slowly layering the filler to reshape the lips to meet the patient’s aesthetic desires.

Lip Lifts are a small surgical procedure to elevate the lips. There are 2 kinds.  One that lifts the corners (oral commisures) of the mouth when they appear down turned.  Our doctors refer to this as “lip darts” or Lip Lift.  This is performed by placing two small incisions at the corner of the mouth.  The other procedure is to lift and reduce a long upper lip.  This incision is placed just under the nose.  Neither of these procedures reduce wrinkles around the mouth.  Those wrinkles are either reduced with fat, dermal fillers such as RestylaneSilk or laser treatment. 

What Happens during lip augmentation?

The surgical technique employed with lip augmentation depends on the type of material used.

For injectable fillers, incisions are not necessary. The substance will be injected using a small, fine needle directly into the lips. During this process, the doctor manipulates the shaping of the filler by putting pressure on the lips where it is needed. 

Injectable fillers require no anesthesia, however, a local numbing medication is usually used. After the procedure, the lips will be swollen and there may be bruising present. This will go away after a few days and the patient will instantly see results of the treatment. It may take a few more weeks for the best results to show.

FAQs About Lip Augmentation in Florida

This often depends on the patient’s concerns and goals.  The patient’s size and shape of the lips before the procedure, and the doctor’s or patient’s preference will all determine which injectable filler is used.

Lip augmentation performed correctly should not look fake or altered, but rather enhance or restore the beauty of the lips.

Fillers go away naturally over time as the substance is absorbed by the body, although a minimal fraction may be retained and may take a while before fully absorbed.  There are injections that can be performed to make the fillers dissolve more rapidly.

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