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Surgery After Weight Loss

After Weight Loss Surgery in Sarasota, FL

We applaud men and women who lose a significant amount of weight, as this is a huge achievement and can be life-changing. However, depending on how much weight was lost, the skin on certain areas of the body may fail to shrink back to a normal healthy look. Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center offers after weight loss surgery as a follow-up cosmetic surgery for those who have lost a significant amount of weight. This surgery removes excess hanging skin, and lifts and tightens certain body parts, such as the arms, breasts, tummy, flanks, thighs, and buttock. Patients who are considering this surgery should be close to their goal weight and their weight loss must be stabilized. For many patients, body contouring and after weight loss surgery can help complete their transformation to a slimmer, beautiful shape.

After Weight Loss Surgery in Sarasota, FL

What can Surgery after weight loss Treat?

Weight loss patients often realize the need for skin removal surgery when the following conditions become evident as they near their goal weight:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Loose folds of skin around the abdomen
  • Hanging skin and fat pockets around the hips
  • Sagging skin and excessive wrinkling around the buttocks area
  • Hanging skin from the inner thigh to the knee area
  • “Bat wings” or loose skin on the underside of the arms
  • “Turtle neck” or loose skin around the neck

Many of these conditions are inevitable after any major weight loss because skin, when stretched for a long time, loses its elasticity and fails to shrink back as the body becomes smaller. Visit our experienced Sarasota plastic surgeons to learn more.


After weight loss surgeries are ideal to trim down this excess skin resulting in a tighter and firmer appearance. Many surgeons recommend grouping certain treatments together as they relate to the lower or upper body in order to minimize the risks of complications. An example of how a surgeon may group the surgeries include:

The upper body

Procedures such as liposuction, breast lift, tummy tuck and arm lift may be performed.

The lower body

Procedures such as liposuction, butt and thigh lift, lower body lift may be performed.

What can I expect during and after surgery?

After weight loss surgery is considered a major operation in which the patient is put under general anesthesia. The number of hours it takes to complete this surgery varies, but on average it is between 4-7 hours. Overnight stay at the facility is often required so that patients can be closely monitored. While scarring is a part of this surgical process, a skilled plastic surgeon will make every effort to ensure that the incisions are kept as inconspicuous as possible. Post-surgery care is also prescribed so that the scars will heal properly. For many patients, the results after surgery are so positive and impactful, they are life-changing.


Typical body parts that are addressed for surgery are the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, breasts, arms and neck. The most common areas for improvement include the breasts and abdominal area, which can usually be done at the same time. During the course of losing weight, the areas of loose skin will become more obvious and it is usually around this time that patients begin consulting with a plastic surgeon.

Before moving forward with this procedure, patients should be at or near their goal weight. Sometimes, removing the loose skin helps accelerate weight loss. This is the case when loose skin gets in the way of the patient’s daily physical activities.

Insurance companies, for the most part, will not cover the expenses associated with cosmetic surgery. 

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