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Neck Lift

Neck Lift in Sarasota, FL

Are your neck wrinkles giving away your true age? Many people overlook the need to moisturize and apply sunscreen to their neck skin, leading to premature aging. Treatments like a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery help men and women revitalize their faces, but the neck needs attention too. 

Address your aging neck with a neck lift at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. A neck lift can instantly improve the appearance of your profile by tightening up the skin under the chin and on the neck. This procedure removes excess fat under the chin and also addresses neck banding and laxity.

If you’re planning a facelift, a neck lift is an ideal complement. You may also choose to have this procedure performed on its own to address focused aging on the jawline and neck areas. Are you a good candidate for a neck lift in Sarasota? Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our four board-certified plastic surgeons.

Neck Lift in Sarasota, FL

What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure to improve the shape and contours of the neck. Through carefully placed incisions, a surgeon tightens the skin and neck muscles. They also remove excess fat and remove excess skin. 

A neck lift is an excellent stand-alone procedure, but many people choose to pair it with facelift surgery. If you’ve recently lost significant weight, you might opt to combine it with contouring treatments like a body lift.  A neck lift provides long-lasting improvement to the contours of the neck and jawline. Most patients will not need retreatment and will enjoy a permanent improvement in their neck contours. 

A neck lift can address several different aesthetic neck concerns, including:

  • Double chin
  • Turkey neck
  • Platysmal neck banding
  • Loss of definition of the jawline or neck

Am I a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift in Sarasota?

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If you have sagging in the neck area, you may be a good candidate for neck lift surgery. Explore this procedure at a consultation and learn more. The best candidates for this procedure are in good overall health and wanting to make a positive change to their appearance.

A neck lift is especially beneficial to patients who:

  • Have lost significant weight 
  • Have skin laxity in the neck or under the chin
  • Have a double chin or excess fat on the neck
  • Are experiencing muscle banding on the neck 
  • Are planning facelift surgery and want to address aging in the lower face, jawline, and neck

We meet with every potential patient to carefully review their goals for surgery and their medical history. We will help you determine if this procedure is a safe and effective option for your aesthetic goals. Please come prepared to discuss your medical history and any medications you take (including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements). 

If you’re considering plastic surgery, we recommend you stop smoking and avoid heavy drinking, as these activities can interfere with healing.  

What Happens During Neck Lift Surgery?

A neck lift is an outpatient procedure performed while you are under general anesthesia or twilight sedation. Each patient works with their surgeon to decide which anesthesia option is the most appropriate. Patients receiving a facelift at the same time as their neck lift will typically receive general anesthesia. 

We usually perform surgery at our on-site surgical center, located on the top floor of our facility. Our surgical center is fully accredited and outfitted with the equipment we need to expertly perform the neck lift procedure. 

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What to expect on your surgery day at Sarsota Plastic Surgery Center

On surgery day, you’ll arrive at the designated time and check in. Before surgery, patients meet with several essential members of our surgical team, including their surgical nurse. We assign each patient a dedicated nurse to serve as their advocate during surgery. You’ll share your objectives with this nurse, and they will act as your voice during surgery, ensuring the procedure meets and exceeds your goals.

Your surgeon will carefully place incisions along the chin and in the ear area. Through these incisions, they will remove fat, tissue, and skin. They may also use liposuction to sculpt the neck and remove fat deposits along the jawline. Having tightened the muscles, the surgeon pulls the skin is pulled tight and smooth, trims away excess, and expertly sutures the incisions closed. 

After the procedure, you’ll remain on-site for a short time for post-surgery observation. 

Choosing Sarasota Plastic Surgery for Your Sarasota Neck Lift

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center is delighted to be one of the oldest and most established plastic surgery practices in the area. Our team has more than 70 years of combined experience. Since we built our practice from the ground up, we thoughtfully designed our center to bring our patients the best possible experience, from consultation through recovery. 

Our plastic surgeons are all board-certified and expertly trained in their specific areas of expertise. We can provide patients with skilled medical care, unsurpassed surgical results, and a white-glove experience when they come in for neck lift surgery. 

Schedule your consultation to learn more about neck lift surgery at Sarasota Plastic Surgery. 

FAQs About Sarasota, FL, Neck Lift

Planning for costs is an essential part of preparing for surgery for many patients. Since each surgery is different, it is challenging to estimate expenses without a face-to-face consultation first. If you’re considering neck lift surgery in Sarasota, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Each patient receives an individualized quote as part of their visit with us. 

A neck lift is the most effective option for smoothing and tightening the skin and tissues on the neck. While some highly effective non-surgical treatments that provide skin tightening, these treatments can’t recreate your neck’s youthful contours.

Our surgeons carefully place neck lift incisions to tighten the skin without visible scarring. Incisions are usually under the chin and near the ears.

You can have a neck lift performed alongside other surgical and non-surgical treatments. Many facelift patients choose to add a neck lift, providing rejuvenation to the mid- and lower face and the neck area. We can also pair a neck lift with laser resurfacing or Botox®.

In plastic surgery, age matters less than appearance. The best age for this procedure will depend on a patient’s genetics and skin quality. If you have recently lost a dramatic amount of weight, you may be a good candidate for a neck lift in your 20s or 30s. Patients who are getting a neck lift to offset signs of aging typically have this surgery done between the ages of 50 and 70.

Neck lift surgery typically takes three to three and a half hours.

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