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gynecomastia in Sarasota, Florida

Though this condition is rarely talked about, it’s actually quite common. Gynecomastia, the medical term for overly developed male breasts, affects an estimated 40 to 60% of men. It may affect only one breast or both. Though certain drugs and medical problems have been linked with male breast overdevelopment, there is no known cause in the vast majority of cases. Patients with gynecomastia may be embarrassed when their chests are exposed. A male breast reduction surgery can correct gynecomastia, and our Sarasota plastic surgeons can reshape the chest to a more masculine appearance. It is recommended that patients seeking male breast reduction surgery be at a healthy weight. The benefits of this surgery are not only physical, producing firmer, flatter and improved chest contours, but emotional as well, usually resulting in improved self-esteem. Some men may require a simple liposuction procedure, while others will need skin removal, and nipple repositioning to achieve natural-looking results.

gynecomastia surgery in Sarasota, Florida

How is gynecomastia Performed?

Mild cases of gynecomastia are corrected with liposuction. Small incisions are made surrounding the areola where suction cannulas are inserted to extract fat and breast tissues. When the enlargement is severe, a longer incision is done to excise breast tissues and loose skin. Skin tightening may also be incorporated and the nipples repositioned so that they are proportional to the new chest shape.

FAQs About Sarasota, FL, Gynecomastia

Proper diet and exercises are initially recommended before considering any surgical treatment. However, if the issue persists, liposuction – sometimes even combined with a lift – may be performed to reshape the chest.

Gynecomastia, unfortunately, hides the normal chest muscles that lie underneath the layers of overdeveloped breast tissue. For those who have severe gynecomastia, it is even possible that the overgrowth of breast tissue has developed into internal scarring. With a breast reduction surgery, all excess fat and breast tissues will be removed and the pectoralis muscles will be spared so that they can become more visible. With proper diet and exercise after the surgery, men will be able to tone and strengthen their chest muscle to regain the chest’s natural form.

Liposuction is the primary approach in extracting fat or any soft tissues. Because it uses a small cannula to vacuum the fat out, it is a less invasive approach compared to excising the tissue, which requires longer incisions. These options will be provided with more details prior to the surgical plan so the patient can consider all factors and ultimately decide which technique is preferred.

If the breast reduction technique uses liposuction, the incisions will be minimal and will be placed around or near the areola. The plastic surgeon will make every effort when it comes to making the incisions and suturing to minimize the effects of scarring. 

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