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We want you to love what you see when you look in the mirror. And when you look in the mirror, your face is one of the first things you see. At Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, facial procedures are our specialty.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons use the latest surgical techniques and top-of-the-line safety equipment to provide our patients with stunning facial transformations. From the brows to the jawline and the eyes to the nose, our advanced procedures help patients age on their own terms and correct frustrating imperfections.

Let our team help you feel confident every time you look in the mirror. Turn to one of Sarasota’s longest established plastic surgery practices, Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, for facial rejuvenation surgery. Contact our office if you have questions or wish to schedule a consultation.

The gold standard in facial rejuvenation, a facelift is one of the most requested facial surgeries at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. This procedure tightens the skin and facial tissues in the mid and lower face. Choose a facelift to smooth marionette lines, redefine the jawline, or lift sagging cheeks. For the right patients, facelifts also pairs well with other facial procedures.

The neck ages as quickly as the face. Neck lift surgery slows the appearance of an aging neck by addressing lines, wrinkles, and muscle banding on the neck. A neck lift smooths wrinkles, tightens muscles, and restores a youthful neck appearance.

Thin skin and regular sun exposure make the eye area one of the first to see significant signs of facial aging. Eyelid and brow surgery can restore a more youthful appearance to these delicate areas. Sarasota plastic surgery offers both eyelid and brow lift surgery. These procedures can be performed on their own, paired together, or performed with other facial surgeries like the facelift.

Learn more about our procedures for the eyelids (blepharoplasty) and brows (brow lift) at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center.

Lasers are a powerful aesthetic tool for improving the appearance and quality of the skin. At Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, we use advanced lasers to treat sun damage, aging, and other skin concerns. Laser rejuvenation is an excellent complement to surgical treatments including facelift and brow lift procedures.

The nose is a central facial feature, so creating a balanced and harmonious nasal appearance can enhance the entire face. We offer both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. Enhance the appearance of your nose, improve breathing, or both.

Lip augmentation is a procedure that enhances the shape of the lips and increases their size. This augmentation can be achieved in several ways, from surgical interventions to lip implants to non-surgical dermal fillers. Whether you have naturally thin lips or want to volumize due to aging, lip augmentation at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center can enhance your lips.

Facial fat loss is a significant contributor to the aging process. While non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers can restore some of this lost facial volume, fat grafting offers a longer-lasting result. Fat is extracted from an area of the body with excess and transferred into the face. Restore youthful cheeks and fill in hollows with this long-lasting treatment.

Defined cheeks are a hallmark of youth. Cheek augmentation or a cheek lift can restore this area of the face. Our surgeons use advanced techniques to volumize, shape, and sculpt the cheeks.

Ear surgery or otoplasty is one of the few plastic surgery procedures performed on children. Reshaping the ears can help children avoid emotionally draining teasing over the appearance of their ears. Our board-certified surgeons offer ear reshaping to both children and adults in Sarasota, FL.

Facial Surgery at Sarasota Plastic Surgery

Aging is inevitable, but with the right treatments, facial wrinkles don’t have to be. Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center has treatments for every part of the face including the brows, eyes, ears, and jawline. Explore your options for cosmetic facial surgery today. Call Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center at (941) 203 1303.

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Always great! I’m really 200 but Dr. Mobley keeps me perpetually looking in the 50s range! He communicates well, is down-to-earth and honest. I especially like all of the privacy protocols they have in place if you prefer them.

Leslie H.

I am a 67 year old man who never liked the appearance of my nose. I finally got the time and courage to find out information about a nose job with Dr. Engel. He was a great doctor and gave me all the information I needed to decide to go forward with it. I am thrilled with the results. It was much easier than I expected. Dr. Engel is a tremendous surgeon. I love my nose and wish I would have done this a long time ago!!

RealSelf Review