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Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery in Sarasota, FL

Excessively large or protruding ears are often a source of ridicule, teasing, and embarrassment. Aesthetic ear surgery, called otoplasty, at Sarasota Plastic Surgery can reshape the “outstanding” ear, by altering its size, position, or configuration. Our plastic surgeons perform ear surgery for both children and adults, depending on the surgical need. The improvement is subtle, but lasts a lifetime and quite often helps the patient feel more self-confident about his or her appearance. In addition to ear pinning and ear reshaping, our Sarasota office also assists patients who require earlobe repair due to heavy earrings or even gauges.

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Your Guide to Ear Surgery

EARLOBE reduction at Sarasota Plastic Surgery

Earlobe Reduction is used to trim long and hanging earlobes that are often present in more mature ears. The procedure can be performed for various reasons, but is most likely to be performed for aesthetic purposes. Sutures are placed during the procedure and will be removed up to a week later. 

How is ear surgery performed?

In the cases of protruding ears, the cartilages are reformed and sometimes supported by splints. Soft tissues may also be trimmed away. The incisions are made behind the ear to reveal the ear’s confines. The ears will be repositioned by tightening the skin and then sutured. In cases of hidden ears, when cartilages are not fully developed, manipulations may include reshaping the cartilages by pulling or repositioning while splints are placed as supports. Sometimes, tissue grafting is also necessary to render volume.

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After ear surgery
Before and after otoplasty

What can I expect during and After ear surgery?

Otoplasties are performed with general anesthesia at our Sarasota surgical center. The procedure will take 1 to 2 hours to complete, and the patient will be sent home for recovery. The ear will be bandaged to keep the new position and shape in place. This also helps so that children cannot touch or play with their ears, which may complicate healing. Activities must be limited, especially within the first week. Scars will remain hidden behind the ears or within the natural folds if the incisions are made in front of the ear.

FAQs About Ear Surgery in Florida

The ears typically mature faster than any other part of the body, therefore, at an appropriate age and time when surgical adjustments are made, the results are generally long lasting. Even as the body changes due to age and gravity, the changes to the ear will be minimal and a secondary otoplasty is usually not needed.

On average, 7-8 year olds are ideal candidates for otoplasty as the ear will be already developed and the cartilage and tissues will still be soft, making it easy to reshape. This age is also recommended as it is a time before any schooling, which helps to avoid teasing.

Usually, the condition is symmetrical to both ears. The final shape that the surgery will aim for will depend on the initial structure of the ear and how cartilages are placed. If the procedure is only for one ear, the shape will be patterned after the normally formed ear.  

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