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Lytera by SkinMedica in Sarasota, Florida

At Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, we are now offering Lytera 2.0, a pigment correcting serum for dark spots on the skin. With 2 applications of serum daily to your facial skin, you will have younger-looking skin in 2 – 12 weeks. If you suffer from dark hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone, the Lytera treatments can help you skin with consistent use in the convenience of your own home. Make an appointment to have a skin consultation with one of experienced plastic surgeons to see if Lytera 2.0 is the right treatment for your skin’s condition. Our patients can also use this serum to bright up a dull complexion to give our patients a healthier, refreshed appearance. Contact our office in Sarasota, FL for more information on this fabulous new treatment by SkinMedica®.

Lytera by SkinMedica in Sarasota, Florida

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What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation, by definition, means a darkening or an excessive amount of darkened coloration of the skin. This can show up as splotches, dark spots, age spots, stained skin, sun spots, freckles, and more. While this product will decrease the darkness of hyperpigmentation spots, it may not eliminate them entirely from the skin.

How can lytera do for me?

Used to balance melanin in the skin, Lytera 2.0 will help with your unwanted hyperpigmentation issues, support the prevention of new spots from appearing on the skin, and improve the texture of your skin. Of course, each patient will have a different skin tone and skin type issues, but with Lytera 2.0, the product is made to produce results you want to see in your skin with an application twice a day.

Your stubborn skin spots can be improved to its natural beautiful shade no matter what your skin type, and even on sensitive skin. With consistent use, you can see changes in your skin within 2 weeks.

Can I combine treatments with lytera?

Yes. You can use Lytera 2.0 as a secondary treatment to other nonsurgical skin treatments, such as a chemical peel, to get faster results for glowing, younger-looking skin. During your consultation, ask about all our skin rejuvenation treatments to get amazing results.