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Butt Lift

Butt Lift in Sarasota, Florida

Aging, fluctuating weight, or genetics can result in buttocks that appear deflated, saggy, or flat. Transferring fat from another area of your body to your buttocks enhances volume and shape. The procedure, called a butt lift, is available at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. Patients throughout the country and from around the world travel to our facility for this popular surgery. Unwanted fat removed using liposuction is grafted into the buttocks to produce natural curves. Because the fat is taken from your body, you can avoid many of the disadvantages posed by butt implants. Some patients, however, may require a more traditional approach, such as a surgical excisional butt lift, because they lack enough fat or have excess skin. During the consultation process, our surgeons determine which of these butt enhancement procedures is right for each patient.

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How is a Butt Lift performed?

The body will first be initially evaluated to make sure that the patient is a good candidate for the butt lift method. It will also be assessed as to which areas will be liposuctioned. Depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill the buttocks area, multiple donor sites on the body may be considered. After liposuction has been performed, a closed sterile system is used which ensures the fat tissue is never exposed to the air. This keeps it safe and purified for re-injection into the buttocks. After processing, we then reinstate the fat little by little to make sure that the layering is done properly, effectively and that the results are smooth and shapely.

This surgery is considered an outpatient procedure and general anesthesia is usually used. In some cases, IV sedation will be used. This depends on how extensive the liposuction and transfer process is. The surgery lasts an average of 2 hours depending on the number of donor sites and fat layering needed. After surgery, a compression garment is worn to help with the swelling and also assist in the contouring of the buttocks.  Patients are advised not to put weight on the butt area for the first 2-3 weeks following surgery. Sitting or laying down must be done with the weight mostly on the thighs. Final results, after the swelling and bruising has subsided, usually can be seen within 6-8 weeks.

Butt Lift surgery in Sarasota, FL

Individuals who lose a large amount of weight sometimes battle loose and saggy skin under the buttocks. This wrinkling and flabby skin can not only be annoying for the patient, but it makes wearing certain clothes very difficult. Our Sarasota plastic surgery center offers a surgical butt lift to correct this problem. This is a body contouring procedure that addresses excess and sagging skin on and below the buttocks. During surgery, this excess skin is trimmed away and the remaining underlying tissue is pulled up for a tighter look. Some patients will also desire to augment the buttock in addition to the lift. This can be done via a fat transfer to add volume and shape. This is known as a butt lift which can create gorgeous results.

How is a butt lift performed?

During a traditional butt lift, incisions are placed in a low thong bikini position.  This can be easily hidden under swim suits or clothes.  Once the loose skin is trimmed away and the underlying tissues pulled tight, the surgeon will essentially “lift” the butt cheeks upward and secure the incision with sutures.  A butt lift gives the buttocks a firmer look. The appearance of loose skin, cellulite dimples and wrinkling will be smoother and more toned. 

During a butt lift surgery, general anesthesia is used and is performed in our Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, most often as an outpatient procedure. Swelling and bruising will last several weeks as the area heals. Scarring is also unavoidable, but every effort is made to make the incision as inconspicuous as possible so that they can be concealed. In most cases, patients will be able to sit down after 2 weeks and will be able to return to their normal routine within 6 weeks. 

FAQs About Butt lift in Sarasota, FL

When done correctly, the result of a butt lift should look and feel natural. It is very important for those who are considering this procedure to find a plastic surgeon with good background and experience with this type of surgery. The results will be affected by the quality of how the fat to be reinstated is selected and purified, and the procedure of how it is injected.

Many patients opt for fat transfers because they feel it is more safe and natural. For some, they are simply not comfortable with implants or a foreign device placed in their buttocks. When choosing whether to go natural or with implants, it’s important to understand the pros and cons to each. The one disadvantage of fat transfers is that the injected fat maybe naturally reabsorbed into the body over time, which means that a secondary surgery could become necessary later on in order to maintain maximum results. Implants are a permanent solution so patients will need to consider the long-term effects of surgery carefully.

Multiple donor sites for the fat grafting may include the lower backside, abdomen, love handles and the thighs. Liposuction done in these areas usually also helps contour the surrounding areas of the buttocks, which results in a gorgeous silhouette.

The ideal candidates for this procedure are those who are at or very close to their goal weight. Both significant weight gain or loss will compromise the results of the surgery. Patients who have had this procedure should stick to a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.

During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss your goals, the cost, and whether you are a good candidate for a Butt Lift. Suitable candidates must have a realistic outlook, be at a healthy weight, and have enough body fat to transfer it safely. In addition, your surgeon will let you know what you can expect regarding recovery, complications, and scars.

The total cost of your procedure will depend on your customized surgical plan, which is based on your specific cosmetic concerns. We’ll give you an accurate estimate at your consultation.

It depends. Both of these procedures address different cosmetic issues. For individuals who have loose skin or wrinkles under the buttock area, a butt lift is necessary. This procedure may still include liposuction if there is excess fat to be removed. Patients with a healthy skin tone who simply want a smaller buttock may see improvements with liposuction alone. These alternatives can be discussed during the initial body assessment and consultation.

Butt augmentation is a procedure in which implants are used to give the buttocks volume and a shapelier curve. Another common procedure is the butt lift, which gives the buttocks the same effect as butt augmentation except instead of using an implant, a fat transfer is performed. It is important to note that although a butt lift improves the firmness of the butt, it does not add volume. Some patients may benefit from a combined procedure that involves a butt lift with a fat transfer or implants. 

A butt lift is recommended for those who are close to or at their goal weight. When there is a significant weight gain after this surgery, the surgical results can be compromised. Similar to any body contouring procedure where the shape and contour of the body is enhanced, adhering to a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and regular exercise will help maintain the results for years.

As with most skin removal surgeries, there will be some scarring with a butt lift procedure. The plastic surgeon will make every effort to minimize scarring and their visibility by placing the incisions in areas concealed by clothing. Post-surgery care is very important for effective healing of the wound. Compression garments and topical creams will also help. Over the years, the scars will fade and flatten out.

While you may notice some difference right away, your butt lift results will continue to reveal themselves gradually. Not all the transferred fat will successfully establish a blood supply in its new location, and it will take time for your body to flush the dead cells from your system. It will also take up to six to eight weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside. You can continue to improve up to 6 months after surgery.
On the day of surgery, plan to spend approximately five hours with us – three to four for the operation, and another two for preparations and initial post-surgery recovery.

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