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Dr. Brian M. Derby of Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Derby on Plastic Surgery Decoded Podcast: Body Recontouring after Weight Loss

Curious about body recontouring after weight loss? Listen to our own Dr. Brian Derby on this episode of Plastic Surgery Decoded with Dr. Regina Nouhan. Listen Here More Plastic Surgery Decoded Podcast

A Deep Plane Facelift Can Lead You Into Deep Trouble. Don’t Be Fooled!

A patient recently presented me with the question asking,  “Why don’t you perform the deep plane facelift”  and why do I strongly recommend against having this procedure. The following was my detailed response. When I was in Plastic Surgery Residency from 1991-93 the first deep plane facelifts were being performed. During my training we performed…

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center | A Name You Can Trust

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center offers a powerful combination of comprehensive services delivered with skill by a caring team of experienced, board-certified and patient-focused plastic surgeons. “We are the first practice in Sarasota to have a complete suite of plastic surgery services on site with our own operating room suites, medical spa and skin care under…

Choosing A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Finding the right surgeon is a key element in the success of your plastic surgery procedure. You need to be sure that you feel comfortable with the surgeon you chose to undertake the work, and that you trust them enough to put your body in their hands. If you are choosing to undergo plastic surgery…