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Top 5 Injectables Facts

Injectables are versatile treatments that can provide dynamic, natural-looking facial rejuvenation. With quick, comfortable appointments, little to no downtime, and speedy results, injectable procedures are a fast option for facial rejuvenation. From enhancing specific facial features like the lips to diminishing the appearance of wrinkles to eliminating chin fat, injectables can help enhance and refresh your appearance without surgery. Here are a few other facts you may want to know about these popular nonsurgical treatments. At Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, our renowned plastic surgeons and highly skilled injectors are here to help refresh your appearance with injectables.

1. Popularity

Botox® and dermal fillers are the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. For men and women who want an enhanced, younger-looking appearance without surgery, injectables provide the answer. With many neuromodulator and filler options, we can help diminish many of the signs of aging. At Sarasota Plastic Surgery, we offer the following injectables:

  • Botox® & Dysport®
  • Restylane®
  • Juvéderm®
  • Belotero®
  • Voluma®
  • Sculptra®

2. Nonsurgical Facelift

Injectables are an essential part of the nonsurgical facelift — an ideal option for patients looking for facial rejuvenation without the downtime or risks of traditional surgery. Though the results aren’t as dramatic or long-lasting as a surgical facelift, nonsurgical facelifts with dermal fillers and neuromodulators create significant results for a more youthful-looking appearance.

3. Injectable Ingredients

Some dermal fillers consist of naturally occurring substances, like collagen or hyaluronic acid. While your body’s ability to generate these building blocks of healthy skin diminishes with time, some dermal fillers can help stimulate collagen production. Other filler brands rely on materials such as polymethyl-methacrylate, liquid silicone, or calcium hydroxylapatite. While your body cannot break down and absorb these materials, they last longer after injection, making their effects semi-permanent.

Developed from a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, Botox® and Dysport® are neuromodulators. They interrupt the signals between nerves and muscles to stop facial muscles that cause wrinkles from contracting. Neuromodulators are ideal for a specific class of wrinkles called dynamic wrinkles or expression lines.

4. Ditch the Double Chin

With revolutionary Kybella, there is no need to undergo surgery to address exercise-resistant submental fat once and for all. Kybella’s active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, destroys fat without the time, pain, and expense of liposuction. While patients will need multiple Kybella treatment sessions, the results are permanent.

5. Not Just for the Face

While dermal fillers and neuromodulators are primarily for the face, they can also help rejuvenate other areas of the body, like the backs of your hands. Meanwhile, neuromodulators can provide relief for medical issues like chronic migraines or excessive sweating.

We’re Your Nonsurgical Injectable Experts

Choosing the right provider is the first step to ensuring optimal results from any plastic surgery procedure. The board-certified plastic surgeons and highly skilled injectors at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center are committed to helping you through your nonsurgical injectable journey.   Get ready to partner with Sarasota’s best injectable providers! Contact us today to learn more.

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