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Reviews for Facial Fat Grafting Procedures Near Sarasota, FL

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Review from K.D.  |  Source: Other  |  Jun 06, 2019

It is almost four months since my upper eyelid surgery, cheek fat injections and hand fat injections. I have wanted these procedures but took my time and planned it all. My worries were in needing help while I recovered. Dr. Derby made me feel at ease from the beginning with my consultation. He approached my expectations with precise explanations. He let me know that my down time with swelling could be as much as a month. I appreciated knowing this and adjusted my schedule. I am busy with looking after my mom who doesn't drive and I am active in church functions. There were no surprises before or after surgery. Dr. Derby and the nursing staff explained in writing and in my consultation every thing I would feel and experience. The swelling to my face was a bit hard to settle with at first after surgery but upon each post op visit I was assured it would go down and improve. It did. Lucky me my husband was willing to keep coming with the ice packs. Into my 2nd week post op the swelling was almost completely gone. I honestly attended a wake just two weeks after surgery and family members there said how great I looked. I now have eyelids that I can makeup and not have mascara all over. Why did I wait so long? There are lots of things in life we can't control but in making a decision to have any plastic surgery with Sarasota Plastic Surgery doctors is an easy one and I recommend this office. From the front staff up to the artful, skilled surgeons they are superior in the field of plastic surgery. No need to live with imperfections. I deserve it so should you. K.D More

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