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Patient Stories: Erin

Erin got a Breast Augmentation by Dr. Graham and she is in love with the results. To meet with Dr. Graham, request a consultation at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center or call (941) 366-8897.

My name is Erin, and I chose Dr. Graham based upon one of my good friends referrals. I actually knew a couple girls who went to see him. Seeing his actual work was the most important thing to me, so I had. I had seen his work, and I knew that that was the way I wanted to go.

My girlfriend made the decision to have a breast augmentation, and she did a lot of the heavy research for me. She ended up having hers done years before I did. When I was ready to have mine done, I already knew he was who I wanted to see. After the consultation, I was sold.

The initial consultation was awesome. It was definitely … He knows what he’s talking about, and you know he knows what he’s talking about. I felt very comfortable and very … I trusted him. I trusted him to make the right decision to know how big I should go and all of that type of stuff. He’s very to the fact, I feel like to the point.

There’s a ton of plastic surgeons in Sarasota, and he was my first consultation, and I intended on having numerous consultations to do my homework, but after meeting with him, I was certain that that’s who I wanted to go with.

Day of surgery was early. Came in early, was nervous, but the whole staff is very warm and very welcoming, and they made me feel right at home. You know, you don’t really remember much after they put you down. Woke up, went home, that was about it.

Recovery was intense. I’ve had two children, both via c-section, and this surgery was definitely a tough surgery. The one thing I will say, which I tell all my girlfriends is that the first three days are intense, and then it’s just completely fine after that. I had a four-month old at the time, and I was picking him up within four to five days after surgery, and didn’t need any assistance. It’s tough at first, but it was worth it in the long run.

It was 500ccs is what I got. We went that big because I was in between having children. I had just had my first son and I knew I wasn’t done having children. Mine are on top of the muscle, and it was basically just to replenish what I had lost through childbirth and nursing.

When I came in to see Dr. Graham for my consultation, I was up front with him and told him that I was going to have more children. He was very honest with me in saying that he can give me full breasts again, but that I will have to have a full lift done after I am done having kids. These were done in between two children, and I have to say I’m very happy with them still, even after my second child. Eventually, down the road, I know Dr. Graham will do them again for me. I trust him. I see him for all my cosmetic needs. He does my botox, and I see him for anything regarding that.

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