Breast Augmentation What is it like working with Dr Engel

I found him through friends. I have several friends that have had breast augmentations, so I asked around. A few of them had showed me some of there work, so I decided to call Dr. Engel and see what he had to say, and I went from there. Interviewing him and interviewing me was very interesting. We had great conversation. Basically he walked in, he was very personable, which is fantastic especially when somebody's going to see everything. We talked about what my expectations were and what his were. My favorite part, I'll never forget, he came out and said, "If you want to look like Pamela Anderson, I'm not your doctor." I was, "Ahhh! Fantastic." I have two kids, so I wanted back what was taken from me. I wanted it filled in and I wanted it to look natural. I didn't want Pamela Anderson or anything crazy. From them on, I was like, "You're my guy. That's it."