face neck breast What is your final impression of Dr Graham and Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center

I'm here today, on Siesta Key, and I adore Siesta Key, that's what got me here. There's only one doctor in my life that could ever touch my face. A face is a very special place in your body. I have to think what I could have been if I hadn't met Braun Graham. Braun is an artist, he's a plastic surgeon, I've known him twenty-five years actually, and he's such a young, gorgeous, handsome, creative man, but he is a sensitive man. He has a sensitivity toward women and his wife is lovely, Jean is lovely, but he has the beauty of what women are supposed to be. That comes out when he manufactures or when he draws, I should say, on your body, and on your face, and tells you what you're going to do. How do you feel about that? His sensitivity is like a brush, an artist's brush.