face neck breast Describe your nipple breast restoration procedure

Recently, with my life being a little hectic, I decided it was time for maintenance. My breast was wonderful, it was great, I don't have to wear a bra, it's beautiful, but my nipple was kind of going into, not coming out as much as it should have been. I said to Dr. Graham, I call him Braun, I think we have to have maintenance. We have maintenance in our car, we have maintenance in our house, we have maintenance in our relationships, but we don't take care of the maintenance that has to be done in our body and our body image. He agreed, and he thought, it was great, updated is the word we use, let's update it. We decided to do this, update a new nipple because it just wasn't looking right. Since he did such a perfect job, it had to be perfect again, and he agreed.