Diane's Inital Consultation with Dr. Graham

We decided that he thought we really should do my eyes and of course I knew I should but they were kind of droopy and he was kind of concerned over this, so I said, "Yeah. Go ahead. Let's do that too." Those are the three things that I ... and my ears, because my earrings often ... He did it the original time and by this time I have beautiful earrings and I was afraid I'd lose them. He closed up that and next week I'm going to have my new pierced ears. During this time we discussed what was necessary, what was involved, and I said, "Go for it." We picked a date. August 14th. ... About, "Are you sure you want to do this now?" I said, "Why not? Of course I want to do it!" My husband wanted me to do it, plus the fact that I have to start a new life. I might as well have a new face and a new life, and Ron agreed with me. He said, "Go for it." We went in on the 14th. I was so excited I couldn't wait. He was simply marvelous and he smiled and said, "We'll make it great." I said, "Of course we will."