Tania's Story

Unhappy with the way her face was aging, Tania consulted with Dr. Braun Graham* after a friend recommended him. They formed a comprehensive plan that included a neck lift, a facelift, and eyelid surgery in Sarasota, and Tania was very satisfied with her results. Watch her tell her story in the video below.

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Tania Before After

What is it like working with Dr. Graham?

Working with Dr. Graham was just a great experience. He, from the get-go, made me feel very very comfortable. There was a great trust level immediately, especially when he looked at my face, talked about the things that he was going to do, my recuperation period. He took the time. I was in his office the first time for over an hour, and that really impressed me because he wanted to make sure that I had all of my questions answered that I had, and more importantly pretty much what he thought that I needed to have done. So a great bedside manner – in fact, the day of surgery I think I called him a teddy bear – Dr. Graham, the big teddy bear – because he is just such a kind and gentle person and a caring person. He jokes with you. He makes you feel at ease. As he said, doing my face was not his first rodeo, so I can tell you that really made me feel good.

How did you Choose Dr. Graham?

Dr. Graham was referred to me from a friend. She have great things to say about him, and I did some research, and when I decide to have the procedure done, I wanted it to be done with the best. Everybody’s different. You can’t rely on results from other people. What I did is a lot of research from the Internet about his reputation and his experience. That’s what my choice was based.

What was your initial consultation with Dr. Graham like?

Yeah, he made me feel very confident. I was prepared. I knew exactly what I wanted, and we spoke and he knew exactly, too. We understood each other, and I felt very confident. I knew exactly how far back I want to go with … I didn’t want to be too drastic. So I brought a picture from the age that I wanted to be … to help him to refer to and to help him with his work. That’s how we did it.

What was your day of surgery like?

The day of my surgery I was very well prepared by his staff. The day of my surgery I arrived at the clinic 6 o’clock in the morning, and by 8 o’clock we started the procedure. Everything went very smooth. Great staff. They prepared me very well, and I was very confident. I was not afraid. The recovery was great. No pain whatsoever. I ate a lot of pineapple and prepared myself for it, so it was very good. No bruises. The bruising is about preparing yourself for the surgery. The staff will go over with you the things that you can do to help you with that, which I did. Like I say, I ate a lot of pineapple and took a lot of arnica before surgery and after surgery. And the recovery’s very essential and the massage is important too. Everything the staff tells you to do – because they do prepare you very well. Just follow through. So, the experience was amazing.

How was your recovery from the facelift surgery?

You can’t speed the recovery up because your body is adjusting to all that, and the pain is based on how much you have done. But in my case, after 2 weeks I was back to normal. The stitches went off and the first stitches went off 3 days after surgery, and then 5 days after the surgery I have everything removed. And I was back to work in 2 weeks.

Do you recommend Dr. Graham?

Well, I had some procedures done … I have the facelift, the upper lid done, and also he went a little bit on my neck and pulled some of it. So it was the neck, the face, and the upper lid that was done. The experience was very good. He’s a great doctor. I have my vision, but again he’s the surgeon, and he have his vision, and everything turned out great. I think depends on what you like to have done. I believe that every plastic surgeon is not good in everything. It can’t be possible – so who you choose depends on what the procedure you have done. I think that the Sarasota Plastic Surgery, it has the best doctors in town, and whoever you procedure is with, you’re going to be good hands. My case was face. I think Dr. Graham is the best in town.

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