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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jun 20, 2020

Dr. Mobley and his staff went above and beyond what I have experienced with other plastic surgeons. From the moment I went to my consultation to my follow ups they couldn't be more helpful. I am thrilled with my results. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 06, 2019

Dr. Engel is amazing! I’m 34 years old, nursed 3 children and gained 50 pounds w/each pregnancy. I lost all of the pregnancy weight but still felt I needed help in some areas (Tummy and breast) so I chose to have a mommy makeover w/Dr. Scott Engel. I am 6 months out from my procedures and I am so pleased w/my results I couldn’t be happier, I feel so comfortable in my skin and my clothes again! Dr. Engel made me feel so comfortable during the entire process. He was so thorough, compassionate, informative and treated my husband and I as if we were family! I highly recommend Dr. Engel and his staff! Thank you Dr. Engel!!!! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Mar 22, 2018

Dr. Mobley is excellent in all respects. He defines professionalism and empathy! I have had surgery performed and Botox and Fillers and my results have been nothing short of miraculous. The office staff is also very supportive More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  May 09, 2017

I performed a bunch of research on possible doctors for my breast fat transfer. Not all plastic surgeons perform this procedure, and I wanted to make sure I had a well-trained, caring, and highly rated board certified plastic surgeon. I researched doctors from the Tampa area to Bradenton/Sarasota down to the Fort Myers and Naples area. I was impressed with Dr. Engel's education, training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, and glowing patient reviews. I could not find one negative review (and believe me, I looked!) I concluded that he was either an exceptional doctor or just good at covering his tracks. I'm pleased to report that Dr. Engel is in fact an excellent doctor!I went to a couple consultations and decided on Dr. Engel because he matched my criteria above as well as being patient, smart, and compassionate. Although he looked good on paper, I thoroughly questioned him to make sure he knew his stuff. He was surprised that I cared so much about the details and told me not to worry because he’s very experienced and has even taught other doctors about fat transfer. Fortunately, he still took the time to answer my long list of questions (and he answered them right!) He made me feel like he would spend as much time with me as I needed.Even though I'm often nervous at doctor appointments and shy about about being naked, Dr. Engel is very considerate and tries to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I liked his compliments and reassuring words. He is charming, has a good sense of humor and overall great personality.When he came in before surgery, he was in a really good mood and wanted to make me feel safe and comfortable. He could tell I was getting extremely nervous, so he held my hands and reassured me he would take care of me. He reiterated that he would treat me as well as if I was his wife (he said that in our consultations too, and he truly seems genuine when he says it). He calmed my nerves, and the surgery indeed went well. My recovery has been much easier than expected too!Before surgery, Dr. Engel generously offered to improve a couple more areas of my body (free of charge!) He truly cared about giving me the best result possible, no matter if it took him more time and effort. I estimate he performed at least $1000 (probably much more) of complimentary work for me, considering the extra areas of liposuction and additional time spent. He's similar to me in that he wants to do the best job that he can do with whatever he does (perfectionist quality that I like).Also, he was understanding that I would have a hard time trusting him. He was extra patient with me, and I'm thankful that he took his time in surgery in order to deliver the best results possible. He worked an extra 45 minutes on top of our scheduled 3 hour surgery.At our follow-up, he emphasized how much he cared about me as a patient when he said that he was thinking about me all weekend, hoping that I was recovering well. During our recent appointments, he has been super involved and attentive to ensure I have a successful recovery. Overall it is nice that he just wants me to look as best as I possibly can.From my research, I also found him to be a family man and one that gives back to his community. I feel secure not only being in the hands of an excellent doctor but also a good person. I'm looking to use Dr. Engel for beauty treatments in the future, and I would highly recommend him to others! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jul 11, 2016

Dr. Mobley has performed Botox on me for many years. He always takes the time to discuss the treatment plan in detail and answer my questions. I am very happy with the results and when the time comes to have my facial surgery, he is the plastic surgeon I will choose. I have several good friends who have had facial surgery by Dr. Mobley and they are very pleased with the results. In fact, they are ecstatic. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Aug 07, 2014

Dr. Engel was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable through out each and every visit. He is very funny. He educated me on the different types of implants, sizes and profiles. He was able to answer every question I had before I even asked it. If you're thinking about getting a BA, I RECOMMEND HIM!!!! No questions asked. I will go back to Dr. Engel every time for any and all other BA surgeries needed. He gave me a natural look that I didn't think I was going to like at first because I thought they would be too small (but after the drop & fluff...which is still happening) they look more full on the bottom so I understand why he recommended I not go any bigger...My goal was to proportion my body because I am a little more bottom heavy. So I thought big big big to even it out, but he exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with my results. I have so much more confidence because of him. Thank you SO much Dr. Engel. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Feb 03, 2014

This was a 5 star satisfying experience! Dr. Mobley's level of expertise as well as his calming demeanor exceeded all expectations. My husband accompanied me to the numerous post-op appointments and we both always left feeling reassured that we had been well served. It has been 8 months since my face lift. Not only am I pleased with the results, but several of my colleagues are as well...such that they have scheduled their surgeries with Dr. Mobley. Testimony to a great surgeon! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Oct 01, 2013

I had a mini tummy tuck and a breast lift. I am extremely happy with the results. No regrets. Dr. Engel is amazing. It is obvious that he takes pride in his work. He is very down the earth and extremely compassionate. He takes the time to listen and he is not intimidating. I would highly recommend Dr. Engel. In fact, two of my friends are seriously thinking of getting a breast lift after seeing my results. The office and nursing staff are incredible. I could not have asked for a better experience. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Aug 17, 2011

After a great deal of research and a personal consultation, I chose Dr Graham for cosmetic surgery. His office exudes professionalism, punctuality and precision. Dr. Graham is sensitive with a pleasant manner and detailed in his explanations and treatment. He allows as much time as you need for questions and fully describes the surgery as well as before and after care. The staff all work in harmony and there is an air of calm and ease. I never experienced any delay at my appointments and was always greeted cheerfully. The doctor and technicians stand by their work and do not release you until you are fully satisfied with the results of any procedure. I had experience with most of the people in this office and only have them all in the highest regard. I would highly recommend this physician and his very efficient and cordial staff. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Jul 28, 2011

I was so impressed with Dr. Engel and his staff. Wonderful experience. More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: RateMDs  |  Apr 08, 2011

Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable doctor that doesn't treat you like a number. He really cares and takes the time to help you. The office staff is incredible! Thank you, Dr. Engel! More

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