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John C. Note

John's Note

“I am a 72-year-old male who never really paid attention to what the years had done to me. It wasn’t until my wife would meet me at the door after work with a worried expression on her face. She kept saying that I looked exhausted, haggard, and ill-as she put it, “like Death warmed over.”

My problem was the bags under my eyes, a permanent scowl, and drooping eyelids that made the under-eye area look even worse. We sought the help of Sarasota Plastic Surgery and had the good fortune to become a patient of Dr. Brian Derby.

Dr. Derby is a caring, talented surgeon and his extensive educational qualifications impressed me, but it is his friendly, outgoing personality that made working with him enjoyable. He is thorough and direct in answering all questions, and he never made me feel like I was asking silly questions, even when I needed to repeat them again for my own reassurance.

I told him that I didn’t want to look like a caricature and he fully agreed. The results for me are amazing-everyone who has seen me after the surgery tells me that I “look great” or “look rested” without realizing that it was all due to Dr. Derby’s skill. I think I have dropped a good 5-7 years of wear-and-tear from my face, and am grateful that my appearance now reflects the young 65-year-old that I feel I really am!”

-JWC, Placida, FL
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