Ieva's Story

Ieva got a Breast Augmentation by Dr. Mobley and talks about her great experience and results.

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Ieva's Story.

I just remember even when I was in high school, your body develops and everything is kind of the way it is. I always thought that that part was missing. I remember even in high school buying some kind of creams and stuff like that, whatever was advertised, just to try to get bigger breasts and nothing was working. You want to feel more feminine and you want to wear funner clothes and they look better when everything is proportionate. That's what Dr. Mobley did for me.


Now it's fun to go shopping. My husband was really helpful. He did all the research for me. Dr. Mobley just was perfect. He was very easy to talk to and he explained all the details. It just went very smooth with him.


The initial consultation was very easy. Like I said, he's really easy to talk to. You just kind of explain what you want and he kind of understands everything. He knows female body so he told me that he's going to work with me to create something that's proportionate to my body type versus just make a weird Barbie out of me or something like that. I think that he did a great job.


The surgery day was a little stressful, the beginning. I was really, really nervous just because of the anesthesia part of it. When I was actually inside the room, everybody kept explaining how it works so I understood every single detail and that made it a lot easier. When I was actually laying there and they were putting the mask on my face so I would go under, I remember just kind of pulling my head away because that was my initial reaction, then that was it. Lights out. I don't even know how they knocked me out, but next thing I know I'm waking up and it's all done.


It hurt a little. It was uncomfortable. My husband picked me up, took me home. First day it was hard to do anything with your hands because you're upper body muscles, everything is sore so you can't like lift yourself up from the bed, you need help. But every day just got easier and easier. You're just going to start moving around and then you start actually appreciating the results because you start looking in the mirror with trying on some clothes and you're just happy with it. That was a very fun part of it.

I have very low pain tolerance level, so it was a little bit longer for me. I think I started more or less moving around on my own only after like a week. Just because like I said I have a very low pain tolerance level, so I needed a lot of help with that. But afterwards, once that first week had passed it was easier and easier. Then it just went smoothly afterwards.


Everything is improved. I don't really have anything specific I don't think. I get a lot more compliments. It's just funner to ... You put on some fun outfits and something like that and you just feel more confident so then people look at you slightly differently, at least I think. I don't have anything specific where I didn't get out of a ticket or anything like that just because I did the surgery. Just makes myself feel better.

I didn't meet with anybody else, but he is just so professional. You kind of are exposing yourself, so you go in there and you have to feel comfortable. He just makes you feel very comfortable. He answers all your questions. He just goes into all this detail so you really understand everything. That's the bottom line, you just want to understand what you're doing and you want to feel comfortable doing it, and he really takes care of that.


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