Brow Lift, Fat Grafting and Earlobe Reduction –Bradenton, FL

Procedure Details

63 year old Bradenton, FL female was concerned with her general face and brow appearance. Felt she looked aged, tired, and angry and desired a softer appearance. Patient has had pervious facelifts and lost approximately 60 lbs over the past 3 years. Given that she had previous face lifting surgeries, another lifting procedure to her lower face may have resulted in an ‘over-operated look.” Fat grafting was recommended to restore lost facial volume from her weight loss. This would prevent a ‘swept’ look while providing enhancement. Patient chose to undergo a coronal browlift, earlobe reduction and fat grafting to her cheeks, infra-brow region, lateral brow, lips, malar mounds, marionette lines, nasiolabial folds oral commissure, prejowl sulcus, submalar region and tear troughs. The surgery helped open the patient’s eyes and restore lost volume to the face, resulting in a natural-looking, softer appearance.


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