Breast Lift on Young Bradenton Woman

Procedure Details

30 year old female was not happy with the shape or the droopy nature of her breast and did not want breast implants. Patient had a tuberous breast deformity (conical shape or the puffiness and bulge of the nipple areolar complex) and ptosis. Patient was informed that she would be best served with a periareolar mastopexy/augmentation, however she did not want an implant. Patient was also advised that since she doesn't want an implant, she would be best served with a vertical mastopexy, however she is against the vertical scar. A periareolar mastopexy would result in improvement in nipple position, but there is a risk that it may result in a flat breast. Patient chose to have a bilateral peri-areolar mastopexy (breast lift). She is pleased with the revised size and shape of her nipples and breasts and improved lack of droopiness.

Lift without Breast Implants


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