Young Female Desires Round, Full, Beautiful, Breasts

Procedure Details

This young 20-something desired breasts to complement her great physique. She is very active, and enjoys the gym. She wanted an augmentation that didn't interfere with her activity level. Following a detailed discussion of options during her consultation, she decided to proceed with a breast augmentation using high projection, smooth, round, silicone implants in the subfascial (under the muscle fascia) pocket. This pocket offers the same benefits as those of a pocket under the chest muscle, but without concerns for her implants moving weirdly ("animation deformity") while she works out at the gym. She needed different sized implants to account for her preoperative breast size differences. She has 415cc implant on the right, and a 365cc implant on the left to even out her breast size. Vectra 3D breast analyzer was used to help select implant size. "I love my breasts" is the first thing she shared in follow-up!

Asymmetric Breast Augmentation


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