Breast Enlargement AA to Full C cup With SRF 415 cc Silicone Gel, Sarasota, FL

Procedure Details

This patient is a 35 year old who always desired larger breasts since she first developed breasts. She hoped to enlarge her AA cup breast to a large B cup or small C cup breast. She had not had children and had no personal history of breast lumps or biopsies. She tried on various implant sizes during her consultation and really liked the appearance of a 400 - 425 mL increase in size. She chose Natrelle Inspira Style SRF 415 mL implants which were implanted in a submuscular plane though and inframammary incision. These implants have a more cohesive gel and are fuller in order to decrease rippling and help shape the breasts. A Keller funnel and no touch technique was used during the surgery. She healed very quickly and was back to work in less than one week.

Extremely Happy Patient

The patient was particulary happy with the size and shape of her breasts and noted how good she looked in a bathing suit.  She was also happy with her improved cleavage.


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