Breast Augmentation- Dual Plane with Saline Implants in Sarasota, FL

Procedure Details

18 year old patient had concerns regarding her small breasts. She currently wears a 34 B and would like to become a 34 and C. P Patient had symmetrical breasts with no presence of cleavage. She presents with depleted upper poles and breast skin had good tone bilaterally. Nipple was also normally projected bilaterally, making this a straight forward breast augmentation case. Dr. Engel performed a Dual Plane Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants. In a “dual plane” procedure, the implant is placed beneath the pectoralis major muscle superiorly but lies directly under the breast tissue inferiorly. Allergan style 68 high profile 350cc implants were chosen, inflated to 385 cc on both breasts. Incision was made in the inframammary fold to hide scars and implants were placed subglandularly, superficial to the pectoralis muscle to create a dual plane and achieve some nipple areola elevation. Patient is extremely pleased with natural–looking enhancement of breasts.

Dual Plane Saline Breast Aug

Breast Augmentation- Dual Plane with Saline Implants on 18 yr old in Sarasota, Florida



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