Correction of Breast Asymmetry in Bradenton, FL

Procedure Details

This 54-year-old female patient presented with significant congenital breast asymmetry. She’s had uneven breasts since development, with a constricted left breast and a ptotic right breast. Her left breast is an A cup and her right breast C cup, making it impossible to find a well-fitting bra. She feels the right breast is droopy and the left breast is small. She wants her left breast bigger and breasts to be symmetrical. Physical examination revealed Grade II breast ptosis on the right, glandular breast ptosis on the left and pseudoptosis on the left. She has wide cleavage and areola is large on the right and moderately sized on the left. In order to achieve symmetry, patient underwent a left periareolar mastopexy augmentation and a right vertical mastopexy augmentation using asymmetric implants. Allergan Style 15 silicone implant 194 cc was selected for right breast and Allergan style 20 silicone implant 350 cc was selected for the left. Correction of Breast Asymmetry was achieved for female patient in Bradenton, FL with a combination of Periareolar Mastopexy and Augmentation and Vertical Mastopexy with Augmentation.

Correction of Asymmetry


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