Posterior Thigh Lift and Liposuction of Sarasota Woman

Procedure Details

55 year old patient was concerned with the excess skin rolls of her thighs. Feels she cannot wear certain pants or swimsuits as she has to tuck in the excess skin. She underwent Cellulaze and Smartlipo (laser liposuction) 2 years ago to the banana roll and thighs, leaving her with skin laxity of upper posterior thigh and also has residual adiposity of anterior, lateral, and posterior thigh. To address the loose, sagging skin, and botched liposuction, patient underwent a Posterior Thigh Lift. Liposuction was then performed on the Anterior, Lateral, and Posterior Thighs and 1400 CCs were removed. While left with scars, patient states that she could hide these with her bathing suit and is thrilled with her results.

Results BEYOND Expectatations


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