Young Sarasota Woman Concerned with Severe Breast Asymmetry

Procedure Details

18 year old complained of severe asymmetry since age 13. Patient presented with Grade 4 breast asymmetry. This young Sarasota woman's right breast was large DD sized with severe drooping and an abnormal shaped nipple and areaola. Her left breast was B-cup sized, with no drooping but a "pointy shape" and an odd appearance to the nipple and areola. She desired to improve her symmetry so she could stop wearing a prosthesis and liked the size of the larger side. After thoughtful consideration, patient underwent a remarkable transformation. Patient underwent Reduction the Right Breast with 200ml Silicone gel breast implant to obtain the best shape and symmetry. Augmentation on Left Breast with 400ml Silicone gel breast implant. Liposuction was performed under armpits. Areola revision and Breast Lift was performed on both breasts.


Sarasota Plastic Surgery

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